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Lula empowers your store to modernize, serve, and thrive in order to delight your customers locally and beyond

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Go beyond your store

Lula onboards your inventory and connects your store with delivery platforms such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, and more! 

0% Commission, Forever

Lula handles everything from account management and customer service to marketing and delivery.


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"Lula’s solution digitizes physical store inventories while providing a single point of contact with all major delivery solutions—with the benefit of managing inventory and assisting store owners with every order."

How Lula Helps Your Store Grow


We help onboard your store

Lula creates, manages, and grows your store on all major delivery platforms


Orders & inventory in one place

Manage inventory and orders from all in one place, the Lula Store Platform


Accept orders and bag items

We create, manage, and grow your store on all major delivery platforms


Get paid for the sales made in Lula 

We pay your well-deserved earnings from one simple-to-understand source

See important stats

We make sure to provide the most critical analytics such as total sales & new customers to help your store grow.


Brands Around the World that Trust Lula

"I did not know anything like this existed for convenience stores!"

GUD2GO Food Store